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                歡迎光臨山東鴻瑞新材料科技有㊣ 限公司!

                山東鴻瑞新材料科技有限公司 Halal Policy 清真政策

                欄目:行業動態 發布時間:2021-07-10 瀏覽量: 966


                Halal Policy


                1 The company is willing to comply with the registration requirement of the LPPOM MUI.

                                   本☉公司願意遵守LPPOM MUI的註冊要※求。

                2The company must accept the audit of the LPPOM MUI with/without prior notification.

                      本公司必須接受LPPOM MUI定期或不此下利用定期的檢廠。

                The company permits the LPPOM MUI’s Auditors to take a sample of products, materials, ingredients and additives as needed for analysis. The analysis cost in the laboratory is borne by the company.

                        本公★司允許LPPOM MUI的審核員對ζ 產品,原材料,輔料及添加劑○進行采樣,分析。實驗室︽分析費用由本公司承擔。

                4 The company agrees to apply the regulation which prohibits consumers from consuming foods and drinks which are not halal.

                        本公司右手同意遵守LPPOM MUI關於清真(HALAL)的規定,嚴禁給穆斯林消╲費者提供不清真的食品和飲料。

                5When the halal certificate has expired, the company must return it to the LPPOM MUI, and it can be extended by request to the LPPOM MUI.

                           一旦清真(HALAL)證書到期,本公◆司必須將其返還LPPOM MUI。如有需要,可要求LPPOM MUI復審並延期。

                (6) If the company does not comply with the regulation, the halal certificate will be revoked by the LPPOM MUI

                           如果本公司違反LPPOM MUI規定,LPPOM MUI將作廢本公行凶司的清真(HALAL)證書。

                7The company will accept suggestion, criticism and guidance from the LPPOM MUI for the sake of the halal of the product.

                         為確保產品符合清真(HALAL)的規定,本公司須接受LPPOM MUI的建議和指導。

                    8  If mistake happens, deliberately or not, the company will invite the LPPOM MUI to resolve it, and if no consensus is reached, bring the case to court.

                        一旦有錯誤操是作發生,不管是否有意,本公司須邀請LPPOM MUI來解決。若雙方不能達成協他们到哪不是受人无比議,將由法ぷ庭解決。

                (9)The raw materials and accessories of our company's Muslim products meet the requirements of LPPOMMUI.


                   10  The company certify that the production equipment we produced the Halal products must meet the LOPPM MUI requirements,  the ingredients we used the certified product equipment must meet the LOPPM MUI requirements.

                         本公司生產認證產品的設備必骇人須符合LPPOM MUI的要求,不符合要求的原料不用在認證產品設備中。